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About us

About the St Pancras and Somers Town Living Centre


The St Pancras and Somers Town Living Centre is a community centre offering health and wellbeing services to the St Pancras and Somers Town Community, where local people help to co-design, deliver and use projects that tackle their own health, wellbeing, economic and social issues.

The centre offers wide-ranging support and resources for local residents, around all aspects of health – from physical to mental health, ageing education to financial health education, professional training, counselling, career-advancing volunteering opportunities and more.

The Living Centre is supported by the Francis Crick Institute.

Our mission

The St Pancras and Somers Town Living Centre has a mission to improve the overall health and personal wellbeing of the surrounding area. It also aims to be seen as the reference point for what a health initiative can do in Camden, London and beyond.

The centre has the following objectives:

  • To help improve the health and wellbeing of residents and reduce health inequalities.
  • To help reduce the economic and social deprivation in the local area.

The Living Centre helps to empower local residents and foster a feeling of community ownership, acting as a catalyst to help unlock the skills, knowledge and resources locally. It does this by reaching out to the community, encouraging ideas, mentoring people with ideas, and supporting them with resources.

Our vision

The Living Centre is a unique and exciting opportunity to help reduce inequalities in the local area, to make the most of local skills, resources and knowledge, and to work with the Francis Crick Institute and its partners to benefit the community.

At the heart of the centre is a sustainable organisation that works with the local community to create a vibrant, well-used and welcoming community space, delivering a range of affordable, good-value services that seek to improve wellbeing, and complement existing services in the area.


Working in partnership

The Living Centre Partners are a group of providers based locally that have come together to ensure the delivery of a community focused health and well-being resource in the heart of St Pancras and Somers Town.

Somers Town Community Association

A community anchor of over 30 years standing, the Somers Town Community Association work with the whole community in nursery and under-fives provision, innovative youth services and a community café.


Healthwatch Camden

Healthwatch Camden makes sure that local people have a say in their health and social care services, and that their views help to make improvements in services. They also give people information about services they can use, and their rights in services.


Voluntary Action Camden

Voluntary Action Camden is an independent charitable organisation with a mission to work with the people of Camden to support, develop and promote voluntary and community activity.


Origin Housing

Origin Housing is an affordable housing and care provider – they work across North London and Hertfordshire, with many homes and services close to the Living Centre. As well as housing many local residents, Origin run the We Are Ageing Better project, working with all those over 60 in St Pancras and Somers Town to develop projects that tackle loneliness and isolation.

Training Link

Training Link is a basic skills community learning centre in Somers Town. They deliver a number of wellbeing services at the centre, including ESOL classes and employability support.


Hopscotch Asian Women’s Centre

Enabling the Asian community living in and around Camden to actively participate in society and achieve their aspirations. Hopscotch Asian Women’s Centre provides support services for Asian women and their families on a wide range of issues including domestic violence, employment, housing and welfare benefits.


Citizens Advice Camden

Citizens Advice Camden provide free confidential independent advice to people who live, work or study in Camden, inclusive of advice on welfare benefits, debt, housing, employment, fuel debts and consumer problems.


Age UK Camden

Age UK Camden Exists to serve the interests of all older citizens of the London Borough of Camden, from all walks of life and ethnic communities.