The St Pancras and Somers Town Living Centre Partners are a group of Camden charities who won the contract to launch and run the Living Centre.

The Living Centre Partners have come together especially for the Living Centre to deliver something unique that’s rooted in the St Pancras and Somers Town community – they are in the perfect position to offer local people high-quality services that really complement and add value to those that already exist in the local area.

The group is led by Somers Town Community Association, an organisation that is well-known and has been working with the community on the doorstep of the Crick for more than 30 years.

Joining Somers Town Community Association in the group are Citizens Advice Camden, Voluntary Action Camden, Age UK Camden, Hopscotch Asian Women’s Centre, Healthwatch Camden,Origin Housing and Training Link.

Local people at the heart of the plans

The Living Centre Partners have built upon the great deal of work that’s been done so far: from workshops with the Francis Crick Institute’s excellent community-based working group that’s been running since 2011; to the work with the award-winning ‘Well London’ team who talked to more than 500 local people in 2013, gathering their thoughts and ideas (for more detail download the full Well London report [PDF] or the summary version [PDF]).

Core to the Living Centre Partners’ plans is working together with the local community at every stage of the Living Centre’s development. From having a strong community voice in running the Living Centre, they want people to be involved in developing, delivering and managing activities. They will also ensure there are lots of other ways to get involved, such as jobs for local people, work experience schemes, apprenticeships and volunteering opportunities.

What will you find at the Living Centre?

Central to what The Living Centre Partners plan to do is make sure that people living locally can take advantage of the huge range of health and wellbeing services that already exist in Camden – creating a unique hub for a range of wellbeing activities.

By coming together and pooling efforts in the Living Centre they can do this really effectively, joining things up and making the best use of existing resources within the community.

The Partners have been developing their plans together with local people, and will be launching with a new signposting and referral advice service, so people can find the information and services they really need – the right services for them. Maybe an exercise class at a local community centre, maybe a special programme to help someone quit smoking, or maybe support to find a job.

The Partners are also going to use the Living Centre to unite and expand some services that are already having a positive impact.

Have a burning question? Just want to know more, as The Living Centre develops? Then email and we’ll get right back to you.