Community Midwives

Women booked to have their baby at UCLH are offered care in the community during pregnancy and after the birth of their baby. We provide this in a weekly clinic at The Living Centre.

The clinic is open every Tuesday ( from February 2018) and attendance is by appointment.

The service is run by Debra Kroll, Community Midwifery Team Leader and Georgina Newson, Community Maternity Support Worker.

The Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Service provide care and treatment to women who have mental health difficulties during pregnancy and up to one year after having a baby. They run a weekly clinic.

We will be developing additional services for pregnant women in the new year including reflexology and preparation for labour workshops – please look out for these services.

For further information about our services please speak to your community midwife or contact the community midwife office on 0203 447 9567 or email